Monday, February 15, 2010

Break for a Week/Two Apps

I'm still recovering from completing the manuscript Apparition Poems in a big burst. There are still many Apps that need to be published, and are looking for homes. I've decided to take a week's vacation from blogging, as I work on a new essay for Otoliths about the Philly Free School at the Highwire Gallery.  I thought as a "quick fix," I'd post two new Apps.


The father’s gaze (depending which gaze
you happen to be referring to) is panoptic.
It goes in without leaving traces. So if you
have several fathers who leave no traces, &

merely invisible gazes, there is or maybe a
sense in which you have no fathers. I saw
all this happening to me, along with every
thing else, many years ago, before I could

visualize the cell I was in, before I knew
how the walls stank of fresh paint, or saw
that I was getting smeared at any juncture.
But, as I saw this, my father who was my

father turned, spoke down to me in such
a way that I listened. I took what he said,
gazed at my cell, and watched the paint dry
deep into the night before I busted out to

watch the dawn break over the Delaware.


He says that these have an “aura.”
To the extent that words on a page
can, they do. He said these things,
but then they were up on a site that
has its own aura, the poems become
composites. Whatever, I thought this,
not out loud, these auras only work
in three dimensions, and I’m already
in three dimensions, I’m already art
to begin with. Besides, who cares? I
quickly made a left onto Broad, the
radio was turned off and I opened
the window, it was a cold, breezes
danced around my face, in words.


Here (as of later '10) is the book Apparition Poems placed in The Poetry Library at Southbank Centre, London. Thanks again to Chris McCabe.


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Adam

I enjoyed both of these Apps. Enjoy your weak cough!

Best wishes from Simon

P.F.S. Post said...

Thanks, Simon.

Adam Fieled

mike said...

Really great poetry. If you are interested, we are starting up a new journal out of New York, and I think your stuff would fit in nicely with what we are trying to do:

Warmest regards,


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