Monday, February 15, 2010

Break for a Week/Two Apps

I'm still recovering from completing the manuscript Apparition Poems in a big burst. There are still many Apps that need to be published, and are looking for homes. I've decided to take a week's vacation from blogging, as I work on a new essay for Otoliths about the Philly Free School at the Highwire Gallery.  I thought as a "quick fix," I'd post two new Apps.


"Waiting for the heavens to fall,
what can I do with this call," this
asinine pop song was written by
me in a dream of you where you
called me (obviously), took to be
already granted what I haven't
given to you yet, but experience,
my love, is the only thing worth
giving, and I've got that from
you in spades, so when heaven
falls we'll catch it, lay it between
our sheets, dirty as they must be—


Since you are a scorpion
that stings herself to death,
after so many stings, redness
never leaves my joints, I feel
zilch. I call this your passionate
time, as I have no intent of
tempting the scorpion again.
I've seen nests for you all over
Philly, from Front Street right
up to Baltimore, and you know
what? You might finally get the
death you want. A sultry night,
desert all around, legs akimbo.


Here (as of later '10) is the book Apparition Poems placed in The Poetry Library at Southbank Centre, London. Thanks again to Chris McCabe.


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Adam

I enjoyed both of these Apps. Enjoy your weak cough!

Best wishes from Simon

Adam Fieled said...

Thanks, Simon.

Adam Fieled

mike said...

Really great poetry. If you are interested, we are starting up a new journal out of New York, and I think your stuff would fit in nicely with what we are trying to do:

Warmest regards,


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