Thursday, July 03, 2008

Poetry Incarnation '05: The Facts

Three years ago, a poetry event was held at The Khyber (Pass), a big pub/indie-rock venue in Philly. The event had a name: Poetry Incarnation '05, was previewed in the Philadelphia City Paper, and was presented by a multi-media artists co-op that I was running at the time, Philly Free School. We charged $5 that night at the door. There were precisely 70 paying customers. Thus, our net profit was $350. The Khyber, as is customary with big music venues, took more than half the money: $200, straight off the top. That left us with $150. There were thirty readers, which means that if everyone were paid equally, everyone would receive a righteous $5. Me and my fellow promoter thought that this was a little ridiculous and, considering that we each put a great amount of time and effort into the event, we split the $150 and each took home $75.

Though I have never been directly confronted (not once in three years), it has come to my attention that several people believe I have "stolen" money from them. I have, indeed: a righteous $5. If any of you would like to have this $5 returned to you, I would be happy to write you a check. You can send your mailing info to That is, of course, unless you have already forced me to use the "block" function on Yahoo, in which case, get your less frank friends to send me the address.

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