Monday, April 06, 2009


Oh, she was really cute,
but she just doesn’t get
it. I mean, she has these
perfect little blue eyes,
and our feet were almost
touching, but she kept
talking about other girls.
It didn’t help that I had
to hear her whole stupid
life story about growing
up in fucking Reading.
Now she wants to open
up a shop with sex toys
and a café. I mean, that’s
fine, but it was all about
her, I couldn’t get a word
in edgewise, and now I
can’t go into the bar where
she works because I sort
of don’t want to see her.
But I’m still attracted to
her too. I swear to God,
all these fucking hick girls
come to the city and they
can’t handle it. I wanted
to tell her, listen, sister,
don’t mess around with
a girl that’s been around.
You’re cute but I could
fuck you over if I wanted
to. I’ve got skills that you
don’t. What’s the point?
She’ll learn soon enough.

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